Annual Reports

Royal Canadian Yacht Club: annual reports

Each year two reports are created for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club: the Nominating Report and the Annual Report.

The Nominating Report, prepared a month in advance of the annual report, is a report that informs the membership of the proposed Board of Directors slate for the upcoming year. It is a four-page document.

The Annual Report is the full report on all sections within the Club including the financials from the auditors. The layout is completed for this 32- to 44-page book and then prepared for printing.

My task is to source all the photographs and create a flow for the reports that makes visual sense to the viewer. Photographs inside the document are converted to black & white and are adjusted for print clarity. These photographs are matched up with their respective articles. One photo is chosen for the cover and edited.

Once the layout has been completed I review all articles to ensure they are in accordance with all brand standards before it is sent for one final edit and then on to the printer.


Sample Pages

Annual Report: Commodore’s Report

Page 1

Annual Report: Commodore’s Report

Page 2

Annual Report: In Memoriam, Club Volunteers & Committee

Annual Report: Racquet Champions Report