Royal Canadian Yacht Club:

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club had in place a number of different guidelines for each of their needs. One for embroidery specifications, a guideline for the Club’s crest and burgee, another guideline for flags used at the Club and one for Communication Styles. And they were located in different places on their servers.

Because of this employees were not always following standards. It was decided that all the guides needed to be in one document and all files organized in a clear manner for employees to be able to find and use the appropriate items.

My first task was to gather all the materials and create one cohesive document. As there were so many documents a lot of the information was duplicated. Information had to be verified and decided on whether it was relevant to brand guidelines.

The next step was to ensure that all the elements were updated and followed new regulations and laws that had come into effect since the creation of the previous documents. New policies were implemented, such as a Social Media policy, which was not part of the original documents.

Presentations were given to the Heritage Committee, Membership & Marketing Committee and the Board of Directors to get their final approvals on the project.


Sample Pages

Club Crest

Club Burgee